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Poetry of a Yogi

I wish I was a stick of incense

lit with the fire of awareness

aglow with the warmth of love

fragrance that releases fear


The hearts of all are just the same

we strive for love and purity

we wish to commune the essence of our lives

in open joy and purity.


Sometimes a person may light our heart

and a joyful fragrance spreads about

this happens mostly when we look

beyond the limits of our fear


Bliss needs such a special place

to grow and feel comfortable

its main obstacle is the fear

of opening up to ourselves


A pure heart in wisdom's sphere

dwells in peace and ecstasy

the peace is from the purity

the ecstasy from loving kindness


I wish to lie in the bed

of peaceful joy and benefit

wrapped in the arms of wisdom's sphere

and expressive of all benefit.

The dakini arises from retreat

her hair shines like the sunshine

she glides with graceful dignity

to meet the smiling yogi

So graceful is her peaceful nature

one is quickly freed of apprehension

her hand joins with the yogi's hand

and to the temple they proceed

There is a promise of sublime bliss

her face is radiant with her knowledge

she knows the realms of real worth

she moves with utter confidence

she glides the yogi to the temple

the best seats are available

 no one makes any obstacle

seats before the high throne are their space

The teachings are about to start

the people have all gathered

a playful conversation will arise

while viewing the openness of the sky

Clarity of mind is the realm

where the blissful tryst will take place

the distracting thoughts of other things

have to be left far far behind

My heart feels joy and love abounds

The mind is grasped by deeper things

The very cells of the body

Respond with vibrant ecstasy.

The enemy is the loss of clarity

Mind moving on the mundane plain

Believing too strongly in the image

Not responding to the deeper things.

To live my life as a bodhisattva

To offer joy to those that hear

To hold all sentient beings in friendship

To loose the fear and insecurity.

The daily life is all just karma

One must watch it to ensure all joy

The ultimate mind is just that -

Completely open - beyond all thought.

The two are not in contrast

But dwell in perfect harmony

Like two lovers embraced in union

Although they're two - they are as one.

The confidence of the lover

Has an incredible amount of power

The chakras open, the energy flows

To mix that feeling with the thought

Of universal benefit

Is not that Vajradhara and consort?

Pain in the heart from separation

is also part of mundane love

if no pain - then no love

the two are always intertwined.

Although we wish to have the one

we must accept the other too.

They come together - as a union

Be open and it feels fine.

A loving heart has many facets

it shines in all directions - illuminating all

the light is its wisdom awareness

the softness of its touch - its love.

Someone has awoken this within me

I value this person -she is so bright

One can't hold onto such an inspiration

just rejoice that it has come about.

We all have infinite amounts of karma

we draw on them and we are always making new

so may I make some positive collection

to lead us both to that which is true.

All beings will die one day

our breath will stop - our mind move on

the only luggage I want to take

is going beyond to ecstasy.

The lightest ecstasy comes from within

its the radiant heart of altruism.

The mind is clear -the heart is strong

Oh yes, that is my ecstasy!

Confusion is my lack of trust

And knowing the best direction

I want to be a happy soul

But refuse to give up my control.

I'd love to be a god of joy

Bringing others to my realm

There is access to various types of power

But compassion is more powerful.

Is it possible to be in love

And also to expand the soul?

My mind says yes- my body no!

The body wants to have control.

They rhyme and meter is too simple

I want to learn a better way.

Today I'll move in that direction

I hear the dakini is on her way.

Outside dakini and the inside one

Reflect and reflection are but one

Respect them both with all the heart

For they are both the source of one.


From the fires of determination

Arise ashes, heat and light

The ashes are the burnt delusions

The heat is love and clarity- the light.

On the fence of doubt sits the fool

The wise abandon such a place.

There is no right or wrong to fret

There is only the wish to benefit.

Abandon the discursive mind

Go to the heart - abide in peace

No rush to present the truth

Speak slowly and all manifests.

The Dakini is most brilliant

She illuminates and frees

I love that darling woman now

She cut through and made me free.

The Dakini abides in bliss

Abandoning the play of the mundane mind

And all the limitations imposed
upon an open hearted joy.

Bliss is far more satisfying

Unbridled by the mundane mind

This mind makes things seem fearful

This mind makes things uptight.

To dwell in bliss and voidness unified

The play of energy and mind

Sometimes it manifests so perfectly

In a form that reflects an ecstasy.

To free oneself of the mundane mind

And kiss the realm of reality

The caress the breast of love so dear

To dwell in soft repose so clear

The body thrills with just the thought

The mind abides in vividness

The images of the union - clear

Heruka and Yogini

To share a poem and a thought

To have a receptive audience

This is not so easy to find

It happens only with spontaneity

The yogi dances in his sphere

The Yogini in her own sweet realm

On occasion they get close

And fill the sky with ecstasy.

Unbridled thought is the source

Of this profound and blissful realm

How would anyone not wish

To dwell in such an ecstasy?

Invitations were sent out

The people were invited

The meal was so succulent

Smell and taste transcended all

Wishes for the best success

Were sent to those seeking this realm

Meditation on the clear light

Abandoned all that could obstruct

One has a few days to abide

In the clear realm of ecstasy

To commune with inner things

That have an image outside too.

To play and flirt about in space

Is the activity of the Yogini

She never forgets her inner strength

She abides in the realm of reality

Her dance is compassion aimed at all

Her heart knows this and feels secure

She never forgets her inner strength

She abides in the realm of reality

The yogi dances in his sphere

Self confident of his joy

Feelings of love that were sent

Rain lightly upon her soul.

The two have union at all times

For their play is with reality

The outer form is a precious thing

Reminding each of inner joy.

Composed for the liberated Yogini

By the yogi as he entered a retreat.

A reply in similar form was sought.

Arising from her ecstasy!

The dakini of wisdom abides within

She has such a presence, not based on a whim

The thrill of her scent and that of her touch

Is happiness – having none akin

The real daka abides within

He has such a presence, not based on a whim

The thrill of his scent and that of his touch

Is happiness – having none akin

Her fire blazes up inside

The mind feels so inspired at her side

She graces all action with spontaneity

She dwells – smiling – in reality

His fire blazes up inside

The mind feels so inspired at his side

He graces all action with spontaneity

He dwells – smiling – in reality

I thought I saw her outside me

It was a mere shadow of duality

Although heartfelt respect that one

My own dakini has now won

I thought I saw him outside me

It was a mere shadow of duality

Although heartfelt respect that one

My own daka has now won

I am a yogi of reality

The judgmental mind has split me

I was torn by my deluded view

It’s not outside – not inside too!

I am a yogini of reality

The judgmental mind has split me

I was torn by my deluded view

It’s not outside – not inside too!

The play of all realms unites as one

The dance is where resides the fun

Inside out and outside in

The real game has now begun

All realms dance to the sound

And the rhythm of the beating drum

The inside harmony has come

And reflects itself with no duality

Come dakini of my heart

Come dance upon my consciousness

The dance is graceful – the dance is fun

The ultimate dakini has now really won

Come daka of my heart

Come dance upon my consciousness

The dance is graceful – the dance is fun

The ultimate daka has now really won

Her play is freedom – it is the view

Her body cannot be made two

It moves so gracefully and true

Bestowing bliss on everyone

His play is freedom – it is the view

His body cannot be made two

It moves so gracefully and true

Bestowing bliss on everyone

All movements are in harmony

The actions totally free

The steps are smooth – the actions done

To awaken those who can be one

Both verses come together here

Because the mind must be just one

It’s not an action in duality

Its peace, beauty and perfect harmony

Mind craves for unity

An experience that sets it free

If dwelling on the mundane side

It looses all its clarity

Consummation craves for unity

Oh where can that consummation be?

I’m looking looking, looking for thee

Oh where can my consummation be?

It flickered past my half closed eyes

It appeared to be outside of me

All I really wanted was to be free

Oh my dear – what is happening to me?

Calm down and be at peace my dear

Let go of what you crave and fear

You bounce between these dualities

Just stop now and let things be

Set the heart on the path

The open wish of benefit

Open to see all reality

Open to let the dancers be

Smooth and peaceful – mind so free

Come dance with people – set them free

Dance smoothly and so peacefully

Dance slowly – initially

Set a rhythm in open glee

Set the dance ground wide and free

Learn the steps in harmony

With the realm of reality

Each step comes from a good heart

It wishes for ultimate benefit

Each step progresses to the next

Opening slowly the realm of reality

The movement of the hand and foot

In rhythm with ultimate benefit

In harmony with reality

Come Heruka! Come dance with me!

The feeling flames, the passion comes

Desire fills the being

Bliss comes with just a touch

Satisfied the mind is free

Fulfilment is not outside there

It’s not found with just a stare

Common desires attracted by the glare

They fly about and just don’t care

Bodhicitta is a passion fine

She dances across my nerves divine

She caresses my heart tenderly

She unites with me - sublimely

All she touches gives great bliss

The mind is intoxicated by her kiss

It never stops – it pulses on

My heart is singing such a song!

Each pore explodes in ecstasy

Light fills the body – I feel free

The dance is going to start tonight

The dance will go on throughout the night

It never ends – this ecstasy

It runs and runs for infinity

All Buddhas know this very realm

They abide in it with equanimity

As with a climax comes some peace

The nerves know it is just a space

That recycles all the energy

To come again in ecstasy

This is such a wonderful mind

So satisfying and sublime

Always progressing to the beat

Of my heart as I think of thee

Dakini, you are found in me

You stand so tall and are so free

Bold and beautiful to me

I find I crave thee constantly

Yogini please come be mine

I know we can be sublime

I feel it in my every pore

The Bodhicitta Mind - forever more.

I am a Bodhicitta freak

I want to kiss her very feet

I want to grasp her thighs so fine

I want to gaze into her eyes

To stroke her hair so bright and fair

To kiss her ear most tenderly

To caress her face and kiss the lips

To pause and slowly absorb the bliss

This woman has such fine quality

She stands and blazes equality

She seeks to benefit us all

She knows where all her acts will fall

She comes from the realm of reality

The womb of suchness vast and free

Divine and full of ecstasy

Oh please Dakini come to me

I found the doorway to her realm

It lies in peaceful harmony

If stress is felt the door swings shut

Be open mind and just be that

Without concepts of this or that

Just peaceful, happy and quite free

The heart is open just to thee

Come dance and give me ecstasy

My thought delves deep into my heart

The understanding is in place

The nerves react with buoyant joy

But it does not sustain itself.

My feelings delve deep into my heart

Some pain, some joy abide in there

A thought produces this or that

But they do not sustain themselves

My intuition delves deep into my heart

It knows everything is fine

The passage of time will change it all

This does finally set me free

Where feelings come from - one cannot say,

The mood strikes, it is a play.

It writes a story that is seldom told,

One of love and yet…… of the untold.

I think the play arises from the way we care,

The blood of life – sacred and rare.

Nourishing the spirit - beyond the flesh,

The blood of life, of love and care.

The world spins around – life comes and goes,

Feelings arise – once again to show,

That love is important and it demonstrates,

The bodhisattva’s love is beyond all states.

Its not the flesh, its not the mate,

I think it is the enlightenment state.

The play of consciousness that seeks to be free,

Free to express – love for all and thee.

Consciousness dances and spins about,

It gives rise to waves beyond all doubts.

The waves of love and splendid joy,

The play of enlightenment – the dance of joy.

I would write a little more explicitly

But I feel inhibited, not so free,

I think this is wrong - as you set me free,

So why not say these things to thee?

You are joyful and wise, a Dakini,

Quite wonderful, as you set all free,

The dakini of wisdom – moving with grace,

Set to the rhythm for the human race.

Smiling beauty, bright and fair,

Light of realization on your hair,

Eyes delightful at the dharma fair -

In your movements - joyful care.

The wisdom words rained upon us all.

Born were the colourful flowers so tall,

Blossoms that bloomed as they felt the call,

Call to enlightenment, heeding the call.

The time was short, it did not last,

Like flowers - they bloomed and then were cast,

Thrown upon the beings as they passed

Spreading virtue for as long as it can last.

The sun set and all beings did run,

The dharma fair over, as was the fun.

Now to ignite enlightenment’s sun,

Illuminating all till the work is done.

Dakini who moves from light to dark,

Sometimes found and sometimes not.

Shifting shadow arising in a bodhisattva form,

Alight in fullness please and never depart.

The yogi sits within a house

As many doors swing open-shut

To sally forth is to move about

To stay within is wisdom bright.

A day of wonder is about to rise

A day with no sense of what will come

In the past the rush was to fill the void

The current moment is of another thought.

Reflections on the nature of it all-

Review the scenes of lives gone by

To take advantage of what can truly help

To be wise as the winds blow new sights.

Wisdom and a desire for growth

Cause the poem to arise

Like the dawn it breaks upon the day

Like a lion it hunts for newfound prey.

The prey can be of different kinds

It depends on what the path presents

Each scene has several opportunities

Are we wise enough to catch the light?

Ships pass each other in the night

The horns sound and the lights shine bright

The passengers wave and wonder why?

Why it all happens just that way.

Life will unfold and scenes play out

The choices many or maybe not

Today is just one more on the line

Of the search for everlasting joy.