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 Tours in General

These tours are sponsored by Buddhist Association. Jhampa has now been leading these tours for 12 years.  The cost is significantly cheaper than anything you would find offered by a tour agency and is aimed at supporting the Tibetan cause in India.   (There are stories of previous tours at bottom)

Tours Include (for India)

All tours can include the air fare but in recent years it has been better to just offer the tour. Some tours if they have the majority of people coming from one country will offer an option of including the air fare.  It can sometimes be cheaper to purchase a group rate. This is not always the case though. The tour includes 14 days on the ground in India, all expenses regarding hotels, buses/trains, and sightseeing..  Meals and personal expeditions are your own responsibility.  All accommodation will be close to good restaurants. The tours end at a major city in India.  Individuals must return to the city of their flight departure at their own cost.  If we supply the air ticket then you are issued a 4 month ticket and can stay as long as you wish of the 4 months.  These air tickets are normally open jawed, meaning you can arrive in New Delhi and depart from either New Delhi, Madras, Bombay or Kathmandu, Nepal.  If you depart from Kathmandu there is a slight increase to the cost.  You can extend the ticket for one year for an extra cost also.

Click here to view itinerary for Tour India September - October, 2011

North India tour of Delhi, Sarnath, Bodha Gaya and Dharmsala 

This tour is to North India and a visit to the home of HH Dalai Lama and the XVII Karmapa in Dharmsala.  The tour starts in Delhi and from there we travel to Sarnath for a few days, then Bodha Gaya for 5 days and finally up to Dharmsala.  The tour will end in Dharmsala and from there you can make your own arrangements to see other parts of India.  The tour is 14 days from when we land in Delhi.   We will try to fly to all locations.  The expected cost is about US$1,400 per person for hotels and travel.  Meals will be your own responsibility but obviously we would be staying where there are restaurants to serve you.  There may be an extra portion of this tour to Nepal. That will be decided when we are closer to the time of going in 2011.

 Stories from Previous Tours

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