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Buddhist Retreat Site

Slocan Valley, BC, Canada

Presently BASIS members and friends are involved in the construction of a retreat house in the Slocan Valley. 

In 1999 the land was cleared.  These images are of the road into the site. It passes by a small lake with lotuses and then up a lane bordered by beautiful evergreen trees.

In 2000 the concrete foundations were poured.  The summer of 2001, the building was completed to lock up in 11 days of intense work.  This was due to the hard work of 16 people. Some of the images of the work involved are below.

The summer, 2002, insulation and exterior painting were finished.  The drywall (wallboard) was delivered to the site and is stored safely.


The summer of 2003 William, a professional drywaller donated his time with a crew of 5 people.

The summer of 2004 saw the painting and finishing work done. These are some of the images of the finished house. It includes the front of the house, the exterior deck, the kitchen and two pictures of the livingroom.

These two pictures are the driveway side of the house. The house now has functional electricity with a solar panel and batteries.

Currently the house (2005/06) has a resident retreater. He is both caretaking the building and also doing a long winter retreat.

The final items to finish this retreat project are tent platforms for retreatents in the summer months, toilets and a water system. The estimated cost for these are as follows. Toilets $900, water system including machinery to install the pipes underground $1200 and the platforms $600.

The house will be offered to individuals or groups of 2 for retreats in the winter months and for small retreats of 6 people in the summer months.

Your continued support is deeply appreciated.

Jhampa Shaneman, Teacher and coordinator for BASIS